V 2015-05-22 Apple Watch Musings
* Overall verdict: I like it! The watch faces are beautiful, love the watch glance gesture, but still very early days like the iPhone 2G
V Yes it's proprietary and closed and that sucks:
* but it's a good predictor of what others will do
* and apple has always been that way!
* this is why i ALSO bought a Pebble Time Steel and will buy a Firefox OS watch (when I can buy one easily in Canada!) so I can put my own apps on the watch on my own terms!
V The watch fit and finish
* much better than Pebble but Apple has had 1.5 years after the Pebble launched. I thought I would hate the sport band based on the awful band (which is similar to the sport band) on the Pebble but I actually like it!
V Camera app
* What does the "3" mean? 3 second delay?
V Watchfaces
* I like them but want an analogue one with more info!
V Feature Request: watch vibrates only when my wife texts me or emails me
* I don't think this is possible now but maybe someday?